GHSN Affiliate Information

Scott KI5NPL “Ham Radio for Non-Techies” YouTube Channel

  • Scott KI5NPL generously provides this website and website expertise for GHSN, and we gratefully acknowledge his contribution. Check out his fantastic YouTube Channel “Ham Radio for Non-Techies”. 

Walter K5WH Perpetual Zoom Meeting

  • Walter K5WH conducts an informal perpetual Zoom meeting. They talk about analog and digital communications, such as APRS, DMR, DSTAR, FT8, M17, DIGITAL VOICE (FREEDV), Satellite, WSPR. The group is happy to help with code plugs, radio programming, SDR assistance, YSF-FUSION, HAM mentoring and they give live demonstrations. You will find a great collection of talent on this site.  Walter and his group are always happy to offer help with new visitors. Prime times are usually between about noon and midnight, but the site is open 24/7. Stop by and introduce yourself; just about any time..

2021 Houston Area Field Day Events Participants:

The following are links to Houston area club Field Day events. See further information on their respective websites.

If you are unable to locate Field Day Information. You may wish to contact the club directly at the general website provided. Please contact them at the link provided for additional information. Another good source of information is the ARRL Field Day Locator Map

Please let us know of any we have missed and we can add them to the list.