GHSN Propagation Exercise

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NEXT PROPAGATION NET - September 22 6:15PM

If this will be your first time on the Propagation Net, it is strongly advised to watch the introductory video above, and we ask that you please join us for the optional Zoom meeting just before the Net at the link below.  Check-ins are made online via the Propagation Sheet and should be completed prior to the start of the Net in order to maintain a clear frequency for the test procedure.

We look forward to having you join us to test out your 2-meter simplex performance. Please check in with your information at the Propagation Sheet Access link below, before the Net. A crucial Zoom meeting will be held beginning at 6:15PM to provide updates and training. To access the Zoom meeting, click on the button below. 

The Net will begin promptly 7:00 PM on a simplex frequency
146.540 MHz (with 147.540 MHz as an alternate),
preceeded by a login and instructions via Zoom
beginning at 6:15 PM

2022 Propagation Net Schedule and Results

(Click on links to access past propagation results.)

PROPAGATION NET SCRIPT – For use with the GHSN Propagation Application

The following script and instructions are recommended when operating a Propagation Net using the GHSN Application. The goal is to assess the capability of participants to hear transmissions from others and the capability of others to hear them. This exercise is performed in conjunction with a specially developed computer application which is available by accessing Net control call instructions are indicated via this computer based application to ensure a clear frequency for testing. 

Net control will activate a signal through the app when s/he is speaking and will signal when the next speaker has their turn. Each speaker is asked to give approximately 15 seconds of normal transmission when their turn is indicated, and other participants are asked to mark the ARRL Readability on the computer app.

In accordance with normal radio procedures, Net Control should give the following Preamble and Net Closing. He should signal through the application during this and other times he finds it necessary to transmit. 


“This is [CALL SIGN], my name is [NAME], and I will be the Net Control Operator for tonight’s Greater Houston Simplex Net.  We will begin the net is [X] minutes.  We will be conducting a propagation study of participants and clear frequency will be appreciated.”

Net Closing

“Net control thanks all stations for checking in to the Greater Houston Simplex Net.  We hold our regular Propagation Net the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm central time on a frequency of 146.54 FM Simplex, with an alternate frequency of 147.54 FM Simplex. We invite all licensed hams to join us.  This is [NAME], [CALL SIGN], returning this frequency to normal amateur use.”